TRU Ball Archery Release Fulkrum Flex 3-4 Finger Silver Medium Back Tension TFLF-QS-M


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TRU Ball Archery Releases

Fulkrum Flex Release

The Fulkrum Flex is a micro adjustable hinge/back tension release, with a nicely weighted QS brass body, an enclosed smooth index finger and knurled middle, ring and pinky fingers, so its sure to provide a great feel. The Fulkrum Flex features the comfort flex technology that allows the archer to select infinite finger bed locations on both the third finger and fourth finger handle pieces. Each piece can individually move 30 degrees. The Fulkrum Flex has the lever alignment system LAS technology that allows the archer to move the head of the release around the outside edge of the index finger, this moves the Fulkrum point of the release to different locations that make the release fire easier in different individual shooting styles. The Fulkrum Flex also allows the archers who have accuracy robbing string or vane contact with their face at full draw the ability to adjust this with the LAS. Has two separate sears one with a click and one without a click and features a micro-adjustable sear that can be adjusted with the included tool that screws into the handle to remain with your release at all times. The micro-adjustable sear has a lock screw that needs to be loosened prior to making any travel adjustment and then re-tightened after adjusting. Laser engraved reference marks are easily visible for referencing your setting. The Fulkrum Flex and Abyss Flex provide you with accuracy busting technology with the same handle and impact points as each other.

TRU Ball Release The Goat

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