Spot Hogg Release Whipper Snapper 3 Finger Closed Jaw WS3C


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Like all Spot Hogg products the Whipper Snapper features unique, contoured lines intended to generate comfort during long shooting sessions and through every segment of the shot sequence. With its slender design the release seems almost non-existent in your hand during the draw and is easily positioned during anchor for repeatable and consistent shots.
Built with both proprietary materials and design
the Whipper Snapper’s firing mechanism provides an extremely crisp trigger break that is one of the fastest in the industry. With single screw adjustability for both trigger tension and travel the highly-adjustable
Whipper Snapper offers something that is missing on most releases – the peace of mind of knowing that once you’ve fine-tuned the settings the release won’t change or wear no matter how much you shoot or how hard you hunt. The release’s trigger barrel is adjustable to fit each individuals hand via two different positions on the trigger.


• Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
• Fastest trigger available on the market but completely safe
• Auto reload feature
• Settings won’t change or wear just set it and forget it
• Designed for D-loop hookup
• Available in open jaw or closed jaw
• Wrist strap accessible


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