TRU Ball Archery Release 3 Finger Max Hunter + Camo TMHP-CA


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TRU Ball Archery Releases

Max Hunter +

The T.R.U. Ball Archery MAX HUNTER + 3-finger release is the essence of simplicity. Easy open and close jaws on the ergonomic head attach quickly and silently to your bow string. The head rotates 360-degrees for optimal positioning on the string and in your hand. An adjustable sensitivity screw helps obtain the perfect release. The only thing simpler is using your fingers.

-Trigger fires by pushing forward
-1/2″ Ergonomic Head
– Head swivels 360 degrees
– easy to open and close jaws
– completely silent
-Finger bed grooves for added grip
-Adjustable sensitivity screw
– V-Lock Compatible


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