Trophy Ridge Sight React Digital Trio Pro 3 Pin .019 .019 .010 Right Hand AS713DR19


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React Digital Trio Pro 3 Pin

The Digital React Trio Pro features two horizontal fixed .019 pins and a vertical React® .010 pin. Digital React utilizes Trophy Ridge’s patented React® Technology which mathematically adjusts your pins and yardage indicators to be spot on at any distance.

Meet the all-new Digital React Trio Pro by Trophy Ridge. For nearly a decade, Trophy Ridge’s React®️ Technology has been the preferred sight technology by archers around the world. React Technology is the fastest and most efficient technology when sighting in a bow for the first time. In a mere 10 minutes or less, have your bow dead-on from 20 to 100+ yards. For 2022, Trophy Ridge has upped the ante with the new Digital React sights powered by Trophy Tech®️, the muscle behind Trophy Ridge’s technology. The Digital React Trio Pro bow sight features a highly-visible LED screen with a digital readout of targeted distances. The sight weighs a total of 13oz.


    Turning the main adjustment wheel lights up the LCD Screen showing every yardage mark at precise yards or 1/2 yard increments


    1. Sight in your 40 – yard Vertical pin using the tool-less windage and elevation knobs
    2. Power up your sight
    3. Enter your verified bow speed and all distances are dialed in OR Step back to 50 or 60 yards and adjust the digital sight read out as needed
    4. Sight in your 20 and 30 – yard Horizontal pins in, using the Yardage Selector knob roll the sight to the highest up position. You will not use any windage or elevation knobs for this step. The micro adjust slots on the top right is all your need


    Full suite of features like customizable screen colors, brightness, distance increments, and up to 5 profiles that can be saved for unique arrow setups


    Improve your accuracy at severe angles over longer distances with third-axis leveling


    Includes Digital React One Pin sight, 6-foot USB charging cord and plug, optional backup sight tapes and yardage indicators, quick-start guide, and detailed manual for customizing your set up


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