Tink’s Scents Scent Bombs Scent Dispensers 3 Pack W5841


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Tinks Scents

Scent Bombs Scent Dispensers

The Tink’s® Scent Bomb® is easy to use, extremely effective and a great no-mess means of getting the most from your scent lures.

Each blaze orange-colored Scent Bomb® has a lid with a retaining strap so it’ll never get lost and a reflective strip for locating it in the dark. Inside the Scent Bomb® is a super-absorbent wick that when deployed, puts out scent on wind currents, to be detected by downwind bucks.

To use, unscrew the cap and fill with your favorite Tink’s® lure (holds 1-ounce). Reattach the cap until you reach a hanging location. When you’re ready to deploy, remove the cap, pull the wick up by the hanger (do not remove wick and hanger from Scent Bomb®), and hang. When the hunt is over simply push the wick and hanger back inside the Scent Bomb® and close the resealable lid.

Works with all Tink’s® Cover Scents and Lures
Hang from a tree limb to disperse scent into air
May be conveniently used as either a yardage marker or trail marker
Refillable and reusable
Three per pack


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