Spot Hogg Arrow Rest The Edge Right Hand TERH


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The Edge Arrow Rest

It’s always been a wonder to us why people put so little emphasis on rest micro adjustability, when the arrow rest is
one of the most critical components to accurate shooting.
To start, the Edge features a no-clamp vertical and horizontal micro-adjust meaning easy adjustment with a single screw. Fine-tuning an arrowrest to perfection has never been easier. Maybe one of the most amazing features is the micro-adjustable blade angle, a simple turn of a click screw and you can click your blade angle to the ultimate position. To further aid accuracy and repeatability The Edge is able to be locked down to guarantee zero bearing or bushing play. To ensure repeatability it also offers a self-centering blade, designed to make blade replacement easy and exact. Each piece of the Edge is designed to promote the highest level of accuracy and ensure that your arrows will find the spot with scary consistency


• Self Locking Vertical Micro Adjust
• Self Locking Horizontal Micro Adjust
• Micro-Click Adjustable Blade Angle
• Lockdown launcher with no bearing or bushing play
• Self centering blade design so blade replacement is
easy and repeats every time


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