ScentBlocker Clothing Headcover Cap Realtree Excape Mid Season Hat 2305548-223


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ScentBlocker Camo Clothing



Headcover Cap

The ScentBlocker Headcover offers coverage of one of the most potent odor hot spots on the human body. The headcover utilizes Cold Fusion Catalyst™ technology to adsorb odors using the power of activated carbon while a wicking treatment helps manage moisture to keep you comfortable all day long.

  • Cold Fusion Catalyst™
         Adsorbs odors
  • Moisture wicking fabric
    Keeps you cool and dry
  • Ultra-soft fleece
    Keeps you deadly quiet
  • Merino wool fleece lining
    Provides the perfect warmth
  • Contoured facemask
    For a natural fit
  • Spandex binding
    For a comfortable fit
  • Built-in beanie
    For maximum convenience
  • Hinged facemask
    For easy movement

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