Rocky Mountain Crossbow Release Bolt NUB De-Cocking Tip RM59002


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Rocky Mountain Sights & Broadheads




Rocky Mountain’s “The Nub” De-Cocking Tip 1 PC (Arrow Not Included)


  • Inserts into standard crossbow bolts to create a safe & effective way to de-cock a crossbow.
  • Small & Ultra-Portable.
  • A Specialized head for crossbow de-cocking.
  • Durable Machine aluminum design.
  • High-Vis Orange Color for easy identification.

If space in your crossbow quiver is at a premium, consider a release tip vs. a specialized release bolt for de-cocking your bow at the end of the hunt. “The Nub” Crossbow Arrow Release Tip is small, portable, and will attach to most standard crossbow bolts.


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