Pine Ridge Archery Nitro Vane 2.0″ Vane Neon Pink



Pine Ridge ArcheryNitro Vane 2.0

Pine Ridge Archery engineered the NITRO Vane to be easy to apply to arrows and is engineered to help arrows fly like a dart, increasing down range accuracy. The patented rounded leading edge on the NITRO Vane makes the vane more aerodynamic and reduces overall drag for superior flight and tighter arrow groups. The rounded edge greatly reduces the chances of the vane lifting up after continued use.

The NITRO Vane comes with patented Micro Glue Pockets which adds surface area to the vane in the glue channel and provides increased hold and a solid glue connection between vane and shaft, which makes fletching arrows easier and greatly increases the longevity of the vane. The NITRO vane is made of a durable yet flexible material that is whisper quiet in flight and will stand up to complete pass through shots and constant abuse from being pulled from a target.

The NITRO Vane is 2 in. long and works well on arrows and crossbow bolts. Available in 10 colors.

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