OZ ScentLok OZ Chamber 5K Ozone Bag & Radial IQ Combo Kit 4153661 4153661-090


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OZ Scentlok Technologies

OZ Chamber 5K Ozone Bag & Radial IQ Combo Kit

  • Radial IQ unit included
       Features a one button design that runs for 30 minutes, the ideal ozone output and run time to actively refresh your gear
  • 600D PVC backed polyester fabric
        For extreme durability
  • Removable, adjustable shoulder strap & reinforced 2″ grab straps
        For comfortable, convenient carrying, even with heavy loads
  • Six internal pockets & two side pockets
        One side pocket includes a grommet to allow for ozone output, and one without for ozone-sensitive items
  • Dedicated pocket to suspend the Radial IQ
    Allowing ozone to fill the entire bag
  • Dimensions
       26” W x 14” H X 14” D
  • Pack includes: OZ Chamber 5K Ozone Bag, the Radial IQ, 12V DC power supply, and a vehicle power adapter
  • OZ products are not intended for in-the-field use.

Successful hunts are about preparation and planning. Go beyond just containing your hunting gear and actively freshen it anywhere! The OZ Chamber 5K Ozone Bag by ScentLok is equipped to destroy odors with the power of ozone. Included is the Oz Chamber 5k Ozone Bag, a Radial IQ unit, the power cord and a vehicle power adapter. The OZ Chamber 5K Ozone Bag is intelligently designed to emit just the right amount of ozone to fill the bag and destroy odors throughout. The result, a storage bag that provides fresher gear.

WARNING: Ozone products are only intended for use in unoccupied spaces

ScentLok OZ Radial EZ Black Ozone Unit TechnologyOZONE
Ozone molecules (light blue) seek out and destroy odor as well as attack bacteria, viruses, mold, mildew & more. Ozone attacks these compounds, alters their molecular structure to a compound that is no longer recognized as an offensive odor and reverts back into oxygen (dark blue) at the end of the process (oxidation).

OZ Scentlok OZRadial 400B

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