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RazorGuide Pak™

Built on our experience in the field, the RazorGuide Pak™ combines the necessary tools for hunters in a compact waxed canvas roll pack. Featuring two RazorSafe™ replaceable blade knives and a saw, the RazorGuide Pak™ is ready to meet the demands of even the most experienced guides. The RazorBone™ comes equipped with 3.5″ drop-point blades, gutting blade and 5.0″ boning/fillet blades to bring your harvest from the field to the table with a single knife. When you knock down the trophy of a lifetime, the RazorCape™ steps in with the 3.0″ caping blade that breezes through intricate cutting tasks with surgical precision. Whether you are clearing shooting lanes or cutting through a pelvic bone, the lightweight Flip N Zip™ saw powers through tough material with ease. All tools are conveniently stored in a premium waxed canvas roll pack that converts to a belt scabbard, providing organization while on or between hunts.


Overall: 10.8 in / 27.5 cm
Weight: 3.1 oz / 87.9 g
Gutting Blade (1 Pcs.): 3.9 in / 10.0 cm
Drop Point Blade (2 Pcs): 3.5 in / 8,9 cm
Boning/Fillet Blade (2 Pcs.): 5.0 in / 12,7 cm
Overall: 7.1 in / 18,0 cm
Weight: 2.0 oz / 56.7 g
Caping Blade (2 Pcs.): 3.0 in / 7,6 cm
Knife Blade Steel: Japanese 420J2 stainless steel
Blade Holder: 420J2 with black-oxide coating
Knife Handles: Glass/Nylon with integrally molded TPR and stainless steel pocket clip
Flip N Zip Saw™
Overall: 9.4 in / 23.8 cm
Saw Weight: 2.5 oz / 70.9 g
Saw Blade: 4.4 in / 11.2 cm
Saw Handle: 6061-T6 Aluminum
Saw Steel: Chrome coated 65Mn
Waxed Canvas Roll Pack
Dimensions: 6.3 x 2.8 x2.0 in / 16,0 x 7,1 x 5,1 cm

This product contains chemicals including chromium which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/



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