Millennium Treestands M600 Bow Holder


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Millennium TreestandsTreestands M600 Bow Holder

  • BOW HOLDER: If you are a bowhunter sitting in a treestand, you want that bow to be ready to go without any fumbling. You also want to be hands-free while you wait. The M600 Bow Holder is the answer you’re looking for.
  • HANDS-FREE: The M600 Bow Holder keeps your bow upright and ready. You will be able to enjoy your coffee or lunch while knowing your bow is in the best position possible to quietly and quickly grab when that deer finally shows itself.
  • FITS MOST STANDS ON THE MARKET: Our bow holder is designed to fit most treestands on the market. In some cases, it will be necessary to drill a ¼-inch hole in the seat frame, shooting rail or platform.
  • QUIET OPERATION: The prongs which hold the bow are rubberized for quiet operation. This allows the hunter to grab hold of the bow and ready themselves for a shot without alerting the game.


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