Limbsaver Universal String Decelerator Front/Rear Mount Black 4600


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Limbsaver DampenersUniversal String Decelerator

The newly re-designed String Decelerator Node uses a progressive resistance pillar to slow the string to a stop, minimizing slapping noise. The String Decelerator will help prevent your wrists from getting slapped when you shoot. The universal mounting system fits most bows and mounts to the front or rear stabilizer accessory holes, while allowing you to still use your current stabilizer. Nodes are designed to fit all 3/8″ cable rods.

Kit includes: Cable rod, String Decelerator Node (Black), mounting brackets and clamp.
Universal Mounting System
Mounts to Front or Rear Stabilizer Accessory Holes
Allows Use of Your Current Stabilizer
Works on all Brace-Height Bows
Customize to Your Individual Bow


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