Hamskea Archery Solutions Arrow Rest Hybrid Target Pro Micro-Tune Right Hand Drop-Away Black 210072


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Hamskea Arrow Rests




Hybrid Target Pro Micro-Tune Arrow Rest

The Hybrid Target Pro takes design elements from the proven VersaRest platform and puts them in a more streamline package that is 26% lighter. The Zero Tolerance Technology TM is key to ensure that there is no lateral play in the shaft and the rotation action is silky smooth. The launcher shaft rides on two over-sized sealed stainless steel ball bearings that won’t wear out, but continue to rotate smoothly shot after shot. The Hybrid Target Pro also adopts adjustment features like Zero Stop Technology TM for the up and down positions of the launcher which makes for an absolute repeatable launcher position ensuring accuracy. The Hybrid Target Pro™ comes with the wide target launcher and backer plate. The baker plate keeps the launcher from bending while used in the cable driven or limb actuated modes. Tunability, is critical for all target archers, the Hybrid Target Pro ™ allows for ultimate tunability, the textured spring knob provides multiple adjust positions to change the rotation tension of the launcher shaft. Coupled with the 8 sided, nonslip, compression clamp design for the lever arm and anti-bounce back dampening coil and you have everything you need to maximize your accuracy. To make setup easy and fast, we have introduced the universal limb clamp assembly that can be adjusted to put the patented in-line dampening coil under the exact tension for optimum performance. The cord itself is a heavy duty no-stretch material unlike so many other nylon based materials and is positioned on the limb with a universal rubber nonslip limb pad.


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