Excalibur Crossbow Charger EXT Crank Cocking Aid – Detachable (Fits Micro, Bulldog and Katana) 95925


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Finally, a crossbow crank system that allows you to EASILY draw your crossbow and safely decock it in complete silence.Excalibur’s new CHARGER EXT™ is the perfect solution for hunters that want an easy and silent mechanical crank with the ability to securely and safely decock their crossbow without having to shoot an arrow.

The CHARGER EXT™ will dramatically reduce the draw weight of any Excalibur crossbow to a mere 12 pounds while guaranteeing consistent string alignment. Unlike loud, cumbersome permanently mounted cranks, the Charger EXT can be detached in seconds and features an ambidextrous, removable handle and a spring loaded retractable cable for quick and easy storage.When the time comes to unload your crossbow, the FAIL-SAFE STRAP™ will add support and security allowing you to quietly and safely decock your Excalibur. The CHARGER EXT is constructed of high strength aluminum alloys to reduce weight and ensure years of trouble free service.

The CHARGER EXT™ fits on MICRO, BULLDOG Series crossbows and the Stryker KATANA. Some previous model crossbows can be retrofitted to accommodate the Charger EXT™. For information on which models can be modified and how they can be retrofitted, please contact Excalibur Crossbow


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