Excalibur Crossbow ACP PRO-SHOT Adjustable Custom Precision Trigger EXP73614


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Adjustable. Custom. Precision. PRO SHOT Trigger

Repeatable Accuracy is everything for confidence and success and there are several factors that go into making an accurate crossbow, at the top of the list is a clean, consistent breaking trigger.

Excalibur is pleased to introduce the

  • Adjustable from one to two stage configurations.
  • Consistent 3lb trigger pull with no creep.
  • Frictionless Roller Catch Technology eliminates any grit from sear and catch
  • Silent manual safety
  • Improves accuracy and consistency
  • Fits most Excalibur Crossbows
  • Available in Standard (Micro 308 Short/315/335/355, Matrix 310/330/355/380/405/Sapphire, Phoenix/Vixen/Exocet 200/Exomax/Relayer Y25/Offspring) and Bullpup models (Micro Suppressor,
  • Matrix Bulldog 330/380/400)
  • Does not fit: Grizzly, GRZ2, G340, Axiom SMF, Ibex SMF, Matrix Cub, Matrix Sapphire, Equinox, Eclipse XT or Vortex

ACP Trigger

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