Easton HIT Collar 5MM Match Grade #3 6 Pack Stainless Steel 801190


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Hit Collar 5MM Match Grade

Easton Match Grade HIT Collars. Designed from the feedback of Easton’s top shooters and pro shops, Easton’s new Match Grade HIT Collar are designed to increase the impact strength of an arrow using the HIT system. Built out of hardened stainless steel. Come in 6 sizes to accommodate all 5mm Easton Arrows. Included with Easton Match Grade 5mm Arrows. Can be purchased separately for many 5mm arrows on the market.

Fits 5/16 Field Points

#3 Fits ARROW: Easton 5mm FMJ 250, Easton 5mm FMJ 340, Easton 5mm Axis 340, Easton 5mm Carbon Legacy 400

Weight: 17 Grains


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