Duel Game Calls Deer The Rut Pack Grunt & Micro Heat Bleat Call D003


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Duel Game Deer and Predator Calls



Rut Pack•Stretchback Grunt Call Micro Heat Bleat Call•Together, the Stretchback Grunt Call and Micro Heat Bleat Call allow you to make every deer vocalization there is.

Micro Heat Bleat Call
•Compact design takes up little room
•Ridged mouthpiece is easy to hold in your lips (keeping your hands free to draw); clip the lanyard to your chest pocket and hold the call in the corner of your mouth for hands free calling. When it’s time to draw your bow, just let the call fall.
•Lanyard with alligator clip attaches anywhere (not a loop to go over your neck), for reduced movement
•FreezeFree design – there’s nothing worse than a call that freezes up when you need it most!

Stretchback Grunt Call
•Adjustable sound – Stretchback allows you to instantly change your call sound by extending the rubber flex tube. This allows you to sound like a small buck, a big buck or a moving buck. It also allows you to make all types of buck grunts.
•The rubber flex tube (not plastic) is made out of a special rubber that not only produces the robust, most realistic call sounds but is also perfectly grunts when you extend or contract the call.
•FreezeFree design – won’t stop working like other grunt calls


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