Bohning Wax Xccelerator Wax 14.5 Gram Tube 0.51oz 1365


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Xccelerator Wax® is a natural-based wax with a soft feel for use on natural and synthetic bowstrings. It softens at a low temperature and saturates strings quickly. Odorless, waterproof, and vegan, Xccelerator Wax also works well to reduce friction on slides, wheels and rollers. Certified Crossbow Compatible. Contains 0.51oz (14.5 grams)

Quick Overview
• Softens at a low temperature
• Easy & fast saturation
• Penetrates string fibers very well
• 14.5 Gram Tube

Anti-friction/wear reduction string wax and conditioner that greatly reduces string friction and abrasion typically found with cable slides, cams, wheels and rollers. Dry bowstring fibers tend to vibrate against each other when the bow is fired, thus wearing the fibers out prematurely and weakening the bowstring. Proper application of a good formula wax like Xccelerator can extend the life of a bowstring and serving many times over, enhancing the string performance and preventing fray. Xccelerator wax penetrates into string fibers without damaging the string and is scent free in a convenient pocket-sized, retractable 14.5 gram tube.


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