Black Gold Bowsights Dual Trac Sight 3″ Dovetail 2 Pin Movable .019 Left Hand BGP4DT2-L


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Black Gold Premium Bow Sights




Black Gold Dual Trac Sight

Built on the industry leading Pro Sight platform, the Dual Trac raises the bar in target visibility while still providing dual aiming points. This bulletproof sight incorporates Black Gold’s Pro Pin, providing a more defined aiming point and less target obstruction, now in a up pin option. It also features a 2nd independently adjustable Pro Pin in line with the first. This provides an additional quick aiming point without the need to move the dial while still maximizing target clarity.

  • The Dual Indicator System reduces time and movement by providing a needle for shorter yardages combined with a 2nd needle for longer range shooting. Both needles are independently adjustable to fine to specific bow set-ups.
  • Micro adjustable windage and elevation makes precise and accurate sighting in a breeze.
  • The Pro Pin has a narrower pin throat that ends in a round pinhead. This smaller throat allows for less target blackout, as well as a more defined aiming point.
  • High performance PhotoChromatic shell – 80% tougher, changes color faster
  • Indicator needle is indexable for easy re-sighting should your set up change
  • Dove Tail Bar


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