Axcel Sights X-41 Hooded Lens Retainer AX41-HLR


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Axcel Sights X-41 Hooded Lens Retainer AX41-HLR

A perfect sun shade for your X-31 or X-41 Scope housings.

The Hooded Lens Retainer helps protect the pins and lens in the woods, and provide shade to your pins from direct sunlight. Screws right into the back of the scope housing for your convenience.

This also can be used to keep a lens from falling out of the scope if you plan on using a lens with the sight. The X-31 scope housing size fits an 1-3/8″ or 35mm lens size while the X-41 scope housing fits an 1-3/4″ or 43mm lens size.

Please also see Lens Frame or Lens Frame Set for more information on products needed when shooting the sight with the lens.


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