Axcel Sights AVX-41 LANDSLYDE Plus Carbon Pro Slider Sight -Scope -Single Pin Rheostat Cover -Torque Indicator .010 Yellow ALNP-C110-4YB


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*Pin .010 Yellow

The AXCEL® Landslyde Slider Sight is packed with features that make it the perfect hunting sight! The most notable feature is the Rapid Adjust Knob and Quick Release that slides the sight up and down along precision-made, whisper-quiet gear teeth. Push the Rapid Adjust Knob in to activate the Quick Release for rapid up and down movement or turn the Knob for precise fine-tuned yardage settings. Our designers strengthened and extended the amount of windage travel on our super-precise dovetail bar. Secure all settings on the Landslyde with an individual windage adjustment lock and an adjustable elevation lock. An adjustable dead stop allows you to quickly access 20 yards or any other yardage setting, but works extremely well when used with the sight’s Two Individually Adjustable Pointers. These pointers can be used for a quick reference when using a multi-pin scope or with a single pin when using the top of the level vial as a second aiming point. This is particularly useful when your target is moving closer or farther away. This sight also features our super-rugged Double-Sided Metal Sight Tapes, which surpass stickers that can peel or wear in extreme environments. Each sight includes 8 metal tapes with 16 scales. We offer 40 scale choices total on our website if the scale that matches your setup isn’t included or you can use the sticker tapes that are also included. Like our Gold Medal-winning tournament sights, the first, second and third axis adjustments are each true, easily, and independently adjustable. Made with the quality you have come to expect with pride in the U.S.A.


  • Single Pin – with “T” Connector
  • AVX41 scope (1 3/4” or 41MM inside diameter) for a wide field of view.
  • FirePin equipped- Tough CNC-machined pins resist bending and breaking in the woods
  • Strong TCS Connector instead of a 10-32 rod that can break
  • Solid, Visible In-Line Sight Level
  • CCT Co-Planar Centering Technology-Aiming ring at same depth as sight pins, designed for greater accuracy when viewed slightly off-center
  • Tons of add-on possibilities like lenses and sunshields that can be purchased separately
  • Personalize your scope with either 0.019” or 0.010” fiber sizes in green, blue, yellow, or red colors. 
  • MADE IN USA!!!


  • Rheostat Cover
  • Torque Indicator
  • Level Blank

*High Strength to Weight Ratio
*Material returns to its original shape after being slightly bent
*Eye appealing carbon woven material
*Vibration absorption
*Advanced material stiffness


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