Avian-X Turkey Decoy LCD Breeder Hen AVX8008

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Avian-X Turkey Decoys






LCD Breeder Hen

One of our most popular turkey decoys ever, the LCD Breeder Hen plays up gobbler’s top priority every spring: finding a mate. This lady is the ultimate temptation, displaying she’s ready to breed. High-quality feather detail and intricate paint schemes complement this inviting pose to bring the gobblers to the hen house. Like all LCD decoys, the Breeder Hen features a collapsible dura-rubber body that won’t crease or dent and stays quiet in the field. Your setup won’t be complete without this one!


-Breeder Hen Decoy
-Storage Compression Strap
-Carry Bag
-Collapsible Carbon Stake


-Posture signals she’s ready to breed
-Lifelike Collapsible Decoy (LCD)
-Easy transport and storage
-15% smaller than a real turkey
-Unmatched realism and detail
-Mimics natural reflection of real hen feathers
-PVC dura-rubber quiets movements
-Realistic movement without unnatural spin


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