TRU Ball Archery Release Rubber Neck X-Large Buckle Strap TRNB-BK-XL


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TRU Ball Archery Releases

Rubber Neck Release

Pull the trigger to open jaws, let up to close.
Built for cold weather hunting!
T.R.U. Ball® Rubberneck displays a new technology in the wrist strap release market. Featuring: ten degrees of side-to-side movement, eliminating any unwanted torque, a new Thermadynamic rubber placed on the sleeve and thumb grip allowing for warmth and traction during cold weather hunting. The Rubberneck also has a new ergonomic trigger and travel adjustment lock screw to secure adjustments. Simply pull the trigger to open the jaws, and let up on the trigger to close the jaws. Available with black annodized head in your choice of black leather buckle strap.


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