TrophyLine Tree Saddle The EDP Platform


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TrophyLine Tree Saddle The EDP Platform

How do you follow up the best built platform ever – The Mission. You make it smaller, lighter and stronger. Introducing the Strongest, Sturdiest and most Durable platform EVER BUILT!! Meet The EDP. The Everyday Platform.

  • ➡ Made in the USA
  • ➡ 13.5″ wide x 13″ deep
  • ➡ One piece Cast Aluminum Platform
  • ➡ Weight: 3 lb 13 ounces
  • ➡ Platform Leveling System
  • ➡ Offset Bracket
  • ➡ Easy to use cinch belt
  • ➡ Fits trees 4″ to 22″ diameter
  • ➡ Non Slip Ridged grips and texture on top of the platform.
  • ➡ Boot Grabs on the outer edge
  • ➡ Folds Flat with no metal on metal contact
  • ➡ Strategic outer edge design for accommodating many different foot placements.
  • ➡ 300 Lb weight limit
  • ➡ Has been tested by ANS/ISO/IEC Independent testing facility.
  • ➡Meets and Exceeds Static Load Capacity Test.
  • ➡Meets and Exceeds Adherence and Static Stability Test.


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