TrophyLine Tree Saddle Back Band


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TrophyLine Tree Saddle Back Band

The best way to add support to your saddle for those long days in the tree. Simply slip back pad around you upper or lower back and under your arms. Clip nylon webbing strap into your Bridge carabiner. Pull side adjustments to adjust length to your liken. Lean back and relax!

  • ➡ Back Padded area is 29″ long x 4.75″ wide.
  • ➡ Totally adjustable using the side adjustment.  You’re able to pull it as tight as you want or let it way out to use like a recliner.
  • ➡ Won’t dig into you
  • ➡ Easily rolls up and stuffs away for easy transporting
  • ➡ Mossy Oak Bottomland


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