Tight Spot Quiver 5 Arrow Rise Left Hand Moss Green TSQRAMB-L


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Tight Spot Quiver






5 Arrow Rise Quiver

This premium, compact 5- Arrow Quiver was developed specifically with the treestand hunter in mind. Ultra-compact for maneuverability when shooting with the quiver on and easy to remove, and hang, if shooting with the quiver off. Additionally, the Rise quiver fits tighter to the bow and has more adjustability than the “major bow brand” competitor’s quiver. Plus, it’s more affordable.

  • PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Aluminum and woven carbon fiber for weight reduction and maximum durability.
  • BUILT-IN HANGER: Features a rugged and durable hanging loop for those that prefer to take the quiver off the bow when in the treestand.
  • LARGE VENTED HOOD DESIGN: Engineered specifically to accommodate today’s larger and longer fixed blade and expandable broadheads.
  • SECONDARY GRIPPER: Extra Security for any size arrow and broadhead combination. Fixed blade heads stay sharp, and expandables cannot prematurely deploy.
  • BETTER BOW BALLANCE: The TightSpot quiver with the exclusive 3-way adjustment provides fine-tuning of the bow balance using the quiver. Adjust up, down, forward, back, in, and out. The result is a -precisely balanced bow that increases accuracy.
  • VIRTUALLY NO TORQUE: TightSpot is the world’s first low-torque quiver. It fits tight to the bow and is exceptionally lightweight. This significantly reduces torque on the shot.
  • HOLDS ARROWS TIGHT: The patented Bulldog Gripper system, with Arrow Wedges, provides individually adjustable arrow tension. Adjustable to fit nearly every arrow diameter.
  • QUICK DETACH: Allows you to rotate the quiver forward or back to fine tune bow balance.
  • WEIGHT: 11 oz.