Solid Broadhead Company Turkey D-Cap 3 Blade Broadheads 200 Grain 2 Pack S4000


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Solid Broadheads



Turkey D-Cap 3 Blade Broadheads


Like any knife or cutting equipment, the ability of the tool to take and hold and edge is critically important. This starts with the base material. In the case of the DCAP from Solid, we choose 440-grade stainless steel. This steel takes an excellent edge and holds it. The 440-grade steel also provides excellent impact resistance – so it takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

No more fly-aways, no more feather flurries that result in a wounded bird. Solid D-Caps fly like darts (if you don’t believe us, shoot one at 50 yards). They’re razor sharp, crazy durable and the .060” thick stainless steel blades mean if you touch it – like the name implies – it’s off with it’s head.

  • Weight: 200 grain with standard threads
  • Cutting Diameter: Massive 4″ cutting diameter
  • Materials: 440-grade hardened tool steel
  • Blade Thickness: Main Blade: 0.062″
  • Blade Angle: 20-degrees for maximum sharpness and edge retention
  • Razor Sharp: Every Solid Broadhead is leather stropped to remove every burr and ensure an edge that’s beyond razor sharp
  • Tip: Guillotine-style turkey broadhead
  • Spin Tested: Every Solid is spin-tested to ensure excellent flight


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