Solid Broadhead Company Legend Series 100 Grain 1/2″ Bleeder 3pk S1000


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Solid Broadheads



Solid Broadhead Company Legend Series with 1/2″ Bleeder 3pk

Beyond razor sharp!
The blades of a Solid Broadhead are leather-stropped before leaving the factory. This removes all burrs making an already extremely sharp broadhead even sharper! So sharp they even stay sharp after penetrating bone.

Steel cut-on-contact tip
The tip is reinforced by the Penetrator blade, which supports the main blade for superior strength.

Samurai-style curved blades
Improve the ability to cut by constantly changing the slicing angle being applied.

20 degree blade angle
The optimal angle for maximum cutting ability.

Penetrator (bleeder) blade
Bore devastating wound channels and penetrate bone better – thanks to decreased friction and deep lacerations that arrow shafts effortlessly slip through.

Zero tapered ferrule
Allows air to effortlessly slide over the broadhead without disruption for accurate and quiet flight, while limiting drag and enhancing penetration.

Spin tested
Every Solid Broadhead is individually spin tested before getting packed in our custom protective travel case.


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