Scentlok Clothing BE:1 TREK GLOVE Bowhunter Elite True Timber O2 Whitetail 2110730-204


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Scentlok Clothing

BE:1 TREK GLOVE Mid Season

The Bowhunter Elite:1 Trek glove is an ideal next-to-skin glove with just enough loft that it can be used independently and a smooth polyester outer that allows for easy layering when temps start to drop. Featuring a moisture wicking treatment as well as our unmatched Carbon Alloy™ technology, the BE:1 Trek glove provides a secure foundation for the serious bowhunter’s toolkit.

  • Carbon Alloy™ technology
    Provides maximum odor adsorption & scent control
  • Wicking treatment
    To wick sweat and keep you cool
  • Touch tech fingertips
    For use with touch screens
  • Smooth polyester fabric
       Provides easy optional layering
  • Micro fleece lining
      Adds subtle warmth
  • Extended spandex cuff
       Great for layering with thicker gloves or a release
  • Silicon printed palm
      Designed to provide a better grip

Our industry leading technology combines activated carbon, treated carbon and zeolite concealed between fabrics. The massive surface area of these natural particles target and adsorb odors and won’t let go until you reactivate your gear in your dryer.

Wicking technology draws sweat away from the body toward the outer surface of the fabric for quick evaporation. Using hydrophilic (water loving) and hydrophobic (water repelling) fibers, pathways are constructed within the fabric that help the moisture move

For portable carbon alloy reactivation use our ozone generators in the OZ line to clean and refresh the garment enhancing your time in the field. ScentLok OZ ozone generators are designed to emit a powerful stream of ozone molecules to virtually eliminate all types of odors and bacteria as well as reduce viruses.

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