Pyro Putty Mega Inferno Ferro Rod Fire Starter PPMFRG


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Pyro Putty



Mega Inferno Ferro Rod

With a fully concealed, functioning piston/cylinder big enough to store 1 oz of putty, this Mega Inferno Ferro striker is a big deal! With the stored putty and included multi-tool knife, this is the ultimate setup for your car or pack. To make it even better, the kit comes with 2 free .5 oz cans of Pyro Putty (1 Summer and 1 Winter Blend)!

Our Summer Orange blend is thicker, for those hotter temperatures and our Winter Blue blend is thinner for colder temperatures.

To use, simply push the Ferro rod up to dispense the stored putty and use the included multi-tool knife to ignite!]

NOTE : a .5 oz can of Pyro Putty fits in the handle, you may store more Putty in the lid of the compartment.

Key Features:
– Sturdy and Robust
– Compartment to hold up to 1 Ounce of Pyro Putty Fire Starter
– Includes 2 Free 0.5 Oz Tins of Pyro Putty (1 Winter and 1 Summer Blend).


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