Primos Calls Deer Rack-N-Roll Rattling System 771


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Rack-N-Roll Rattling System

Mimic two mature bucks fighting with the Primos Rack-n-Roll. The Rack-n-Roll was designed and tested in an independent sound lab where a real recording of two 140” class bucks was broken down and analyzed by tone and frequency. Our engineers then took that data and created individually tuned nodes that exactly match those tones and frequencies produced by mature bucks in battle. Multiple sections of nodes were combined to create the volume and realism of two full sets of antlers coming together. To top it off, the Rack-n-Roll is the only rattling device that allows you to rattle with one hand so you have a free hand to keep your bow or rifle ready!

•Reproduces the sound of two full racks of mature bucks fighting
•Easy one handed use
•Quiet to carry and easy to pack


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