Primos Bow Hangers Large Folding 20″ PS6531


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Bow Hangers Mini Folding 20″

When bowhunting, movement is a killer. With the Primos® Bow Hanger you never have to turn your back to get your bow. The Bow Hanger easily mounts into the tree with its self-starting, screw-in threads. It positions the bow 20 inches from the tree at the ready, perfect so you can reach out while still watching your quarry. Its swiveling hook is rubber coated for quiet use and allows you to position your bow for a custom set-up. The pivot point is made so if you do not have the hanger in the tree perfectly level, the bow will not swing away from you. Three rock solid accessory hooks allow you to use one tool for your bow, range finder, binoculars, and Rattlin’ Horns™.
•Heavy-duty self-starting threads
•Bow will not swing away from you


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