Novix Outdoors Mini Double-Step Climbing Sticks 4pk Classic NX-MINI4D


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Novix Mini Double-Step Climbing Sticks NX-MIN4DW






Mini Double-Step Climbing Sticks 4pk Classic

New for 2024, our Mini Double-Step Climbing Sticks allow for more foot room when climbing and hanging. The 9″ extruded aluminum step is welded and flared, keeping traction and grip when wet or frosty.

Sold in packs of four (4) or as a single stick, these 17″ climbing sticks should get you anywhere from 10-12 feet up if placed moderately. The bottom step comes equipped with a buckle strap to hold all four together for easy organization and stacking. The aluminum V-Bracket locks into tree bark for a solid, silent hold even in the coldest temperatures.

Product Features

V bracket icon

The pivoting V-Bracket grips to the tree and rotates, allowing the climbing stick to stay level even on crooked trees, keeping you as safe as possible when climbing.

Frost coating icon

Our Frost Coating eliminates shine from otherwise raw aluminum, helping you better blend into the whitetail woods. It also provides texture for better grip in slippery elements.

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This product is designed, engineered, and certified to exceed the standards set by the Treestand Manufacturer’s Association (TMA).

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This product is proudly made in the United States, giving you comfort and confidence in the blue-collar, American quality.