Mystery Ranch Backpacks Super Fly Pack Cover Small-Mineral Gray (Fits 20L to 40L Packs)


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Mystery Ranch Backpacks


Super Fly Pack Cover

A two-in-one cover for a premium waterproof experience

For those who don’t like risking their luck when there’s a chance of rain in the forecast, the two-in-one SUPER FLY PACK COVER offers a premium waterproofing experience. We engineered this cover with taped seams, 2.5x Nylon fabric (still breathable), and a built-in adjustable hood to keep both your pack and your noggin dry during misty mornings or when rainstorms blow in out of nowhere. With the SUPER FLY PACK COVER on hand, you can venture out into the backcountry with one less thing to worry about when the skies start to get dark.

  • Pack cover with an adjustable hood
  • Taped seams ensure 100% water protection
  • Attaches to most backpack shoulder pads
  • Stores conveniently in the attached stuff sack
  • Large: Fits 60L to 105L packs
  • Medium: Fits 40L to 60L packs
  • Small: Fits 20L to 40L packs