Muzzy Trocar HB-TI Broadhead 1″ x 1 5/8″ Cut 4 Blade 100 Grain 297-TI


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Muzzy BroadheadsMuzzy Trocar HB-Ti Broadhead

-4-Blade Broadhead
-Available in 100 grain
-Chisel Tip
-Machined Titanium Ferrule
-.050″ Thick Fixed Blade
-.039″ Thick Mechanical Blades
-1″ Fixed Blade Cutting Diameter
-1 5/8″ Expandable Cutting Diameter
-2 5/8″ Total Cutting Diameter
-Stainless Steel Fixed Blade Retention Collar
-3 per pack
-Replacement Blades Available (SKU: 397-TI)

Taking a reputation for broadheads with bone-crushing capabilities, the Muzzy Trocar HB-Ti takes the potential for destruction to a whole new level thanks to a streamlined titanium ferrule, .050-inch-thick one-piece single-bevel serrated fixed blade edge and a pair of expandable .039-inch-thick expandable wing blades to maximize damage. This compact and aerodynamic 100-grain broadhead flies as true as a field point prior to expansion but unleashes total cutting surfaces of 2 5/8-inches for complete devastation upon impact.

Muzzy Trocar HB-Ti Broadhead

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