Montana Decoy Company Eichler Cow Elk


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Montana Decoy

Eichler Cow Elk

This elk decoy, designed by Fred Eichler, is quick and easy to set up, making it the perfect elk decoy for bowhunters chasing pressured bull elk in demanding terrain.

Fred Eichler nailed it! This elk decoy – designed by Fred Eichler – is the most portable full-bodied elk decoy you can carry in your pack. Not content to get by on looks alone, the Eichler Elk decoy sets up quickly in any terrain using poles or the string-and-clip hanging system. The head-on cow elk pose pulls that bull in close, while the realism of the decoy keeps him occupied as you shoot.

Product Description

Eichler Cow Elk

  • Unfolded : 47″x30″
  • Folded: 19″x12″
  • Weight: 40 oz. With Poles