Montana Decoy Company Eichler Antelope w/ Stand 39″x37″


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Montana Decoy

Eichler Antelope w/ Stand 39″x37″

Including a Quickstand and new features, the Eichler Antelope is sure to help you get close to a pronghorn buck.

Product Description

Eichler Antelope

  • Unfolded : 39″x37″
  • Folded: 18″x10″
  • Weight: 31 oz. Without Stand
  • Weight: 48.5 oz. With Stand

When noted hunter, outfitter and writer Fred Eichler uses a decoy, he reaches for a Montana Decoy. He likes them so much that he once again worked hand-in-hand with us to design his signature antelope decoy: the Eichler Antelope. Upgrades include the Quickstand platform, a see-through mesh viewing window and stalking handle. The Quickstand allows you to stake decoys into the ground with one foot, while the cable toe-loop makes removing the decoy from the ground virtually effortless. Pair these tweaks with the portability and realism our products are known for, and it’s easy to see why this is the best antelope decoy you can buy.