Hoyt Archery Quivers Carbon SuperLite Quiver DG 4 Arrow Black Out


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Carbon SuperLite Quiver DG 4 Arrow Quiver *Picture may vary on arrow capacity*


  • In-Line Accessory brings your quiver closer to the bow riser for optimal balance and accuracy
  • Features adjustable mounting positions to allow the quiver to get as close to your bow as possible
  • When paired with Hoyt’s Integrate Arrow Rest and Picatinny Sight Mount, your quiver can be insanely close to your bow riser for the most balanced rig you’ve ever had
  • Lightweight construction and carbon materials make this quiver tough and ready for all you can throw at it
  • Fits small and standard diameter arrow shafts like 4MM, 5MM, 6MM, or 6.5MM shafting
  • Move this quiver system vertically and horizontally
  • Double gripper for plenty of support on your arrows
  • Quick detach for those hunters who would remove their quiver in the tree


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