Hawke Optics Vantage IR Scope 30 WA 4-12×42 .223/.308 Reticle 14278 Combo w/Level & Mounts (14278+64101+22116)


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Hawke Optics

Vantage IR Scope 30 WA 4-12×42 .223/.308 Reticle

An extensive range of scopes to suit all calibres and disciplines.

All Vantage riflescopes feature our H2 optics in a variety of configurations.

.223/.308 Marksman Reticle (12x)

Working with your bullet’s trajectory the .223/.308 Marksman (12x) reticle, exclusively from Hawke, provides usable aim points for long-range shooting. The reticle features illuminated central aim point and holdover aim points that increase in 100 yard/meter increments.

The holdover aim points on the lower post of the reticle are designed with gaps increasing in size. This more closely represents the fall of a bullet’s trajectory; the further the bullet travels, the faster the bullet falls. Hawke has carried out the complicated ballistic math, so you don’t have to.

The glass reticle is etched with aim points marked ‘100’ at center and increasing by 100 for each increment out to ‘600’. The reticle can be used for yards or meters depending on magnification setting.

Package Includes: Bubble Level Weaver Mount (64101) and 1″ Weaver Medium 2pc Scope Mounts (22116)