Hamskea Archery Peeps Insight Peep Clarifying Lens A+ Purple PEEP026


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Insight Peep Clarifying Lenses

To be used with the InSight™ Peep Housing and InSight™ Short Draw Peep Housings only. **These are not compatible with  Raptor™ Peeps


The InSight Peep lenses are not your ordinary lens. In fact, each lens is made of top quality optical glass specified to tight tolerances and critical parameters to ensure the best optical quality.

Choose between our new Clarifying Lens A-, our Clarifying Lens A, Clarifying Lens A+, Clarifying Lens B, Clarifying Lens C or Clarifying Lens D. To help determine the best clarifier for your needs, please refer to the table below.  For more help and instructions, please click on the blue icons above.

Hamskea Clarifier Selection Chart