Easton Arrow PROCOMP Hunting Series A/C Pro Comp Arrows Bare Shafts 12 Pack**


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Easton Hunting and Target Arrows


Easton PROCOMP Hunting Series

The high-performance Easton A/C PROCOMP, renowned on the professional tournament circuit podiums worldwide, has now been optimized for field and hunting use in the new PROCOMP Hunting Series.

The PROCOMP offers higher levels of precision and better tuning in a top-tier competition target shaft. Based on Easton’s patented micro-diameter 4MM parallel shaft profile, the PROCOMP is an ideal solution for competitive compound target and field shooters demanding exacting performance standards and a great price. The new Pro Comp Hunting Series will be available in sizes 380, 340, 300, and the NEW 250 and come with aluminum 8-32 half-outs and 4mm Deep Six Nocks included.

*An optional Titanium 8-32 half out is also available sold separately.

The Pro Comp are ultra-lightweight arrows built on the proven 7075 aluminum core and fused with a high-strength, high-modulus carbon jacket. With its precise ±.0015” straightness tolerance and minimal +/- 0.5-grain weight variance, the Pro Comp provides the confidence-building predictable performance demanded by world’s top archers – and now available to all field archers and bowhunters.

Made in the USA, Pro Comp shafts are finished with an easy to fletch, low-reflection matte black carbon surface.

  • 250 Spine 10.8gpi
  • 300 Spine 9.5gpi
  • 340 Spine 8.9gpi
  • 380 Spine 8.3gpi

Easton Archery FMJ 4MM Parts List


Easton PROCOMP Hunting Arrow

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