Easton Arrow FMJ 5MM Carbon Core 12 Pack Bare Shaft X Nocks


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Easton Hunting and Target Arrows



Easton FMJ 5mm Carbon Core 7075 Alloy Metal Jacket Shafts X Nocks

“Choose FMJ for devastating pass-throughs and generous blood trails.”
•Pre-installed X Nock
•HIT inserts include chamfer stone, installation tool and epoxy included
•High-strength carbon core with 7075 alloy metal jacket
•Straightness: ± .002
•Easy target pull
•Stock Length 400-31.5″, 340-32″, 300-32.5″

•400-10.2 grains per inch & 340-11.3 grains per inch & 300-12 grains per inch

Choose FMJ for devastating pass-throughs and generous blood trails.

With a tough carbon-fiber core and resilient alloy skin, Easton’s Full Metal Jacket technology has become legend for incredible strength and bone crushing performance with target-specification tolerances and precision. The Deep Six compatible FMJ is capable of total passthroughs on any game on the planet, and together with an easy target pull and unprecedented durability, is the choice of bowhunters around the world. Also available in Lost Camo option and FMJ Dangerous Game – designed for the world’s toughest animals.

Easton arrows, produced with our advanced technology and manufacturing processes, deliver uniform spine between all arrow shafts of the same size, and 360 degrees around each shaft. With Easton, you know that your next arrow will fly like the last.


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250 Spine, 300 Spine, 350 Spine, 400 Spine, 340 Spine, 500 Spine, 330 Spine, 480 Spine, 320 Spine, 390 Spine, 470 Spine