Cuddeback CuddeLink Cell Starter Kit 3+1 Long Range IR with 3 Free Solar Kits AT&T 09042

$899.99 $749.99

Bonus Package Includes:

  • 1 K-5796 Cuddelink Dual Cell AT&T Cell Unit
  • 3 Cuddelink  J Series Cameras
  • 3 Free CuddePower Solar Power Bank Kits (Rechargeable Batteries Included)
  • $180 Savings!!

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CuddeBack Game Trail Cameras


CuddeLink Cell Starter Bonus Kit 3+1 (4 Cameras + 3 Solar Kits)

Affordable Cellular Camera Network
Dual Cell Kit is the easy, low cost way to get started with cellular trail cameras. This 4 camera kit includes 4 cellular connected trail cameras that share 1 cell plan. Three CuddeLink J-Series cameras send their images to CuddeLink Dual Cell. Dual Cell uses AT&T LTE service to email or text the images to your smartphone, tablet or computer. CuddeLink Cell allows you to have up to 24 cameras on the network sharing 1 cell plan, saving you hundreds of dollars per year. And the best part, all CuddeLink products are compatible so you can add cameras to grow your network.

Includes 4 Cuddeback Premium Cameras

Kit includes 1 Dual Cell Model K-5796. Features 1/4 second trigger speed and Dual Flash illumination that has both no-glow Black Flash and Long Range IR built into 1 camera. Uses 6 D batteries which are power equivalent to 48 AA batteries, assuring Dual Cell will operate for an entire season or longer.

Kit includes 3 J-Series Long Range IR cameras that feature 1/4 second trigger speed and Long Range IR illumination. Uses 12 AA batteries for compact size and good battery life.

  • 1 K-5796 Dual Cell Camera AT&T
  • 3 J-1415 CuddeLink Long Range IR Cameras
  • 2 LTE high-gain antennas
  • 4 Genius mounting brackets and straps
  • 3 CuddePower Solar Kits (Rechargeable Batteries Included)

*(Batteries and SD Memory Cards Not Included)

CuddeLink Home Camera Setup

CuddeLink Camera Setup

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