Bohning Field Points Bullet Screw-in Points 5/16″ 200 Grain 12pk Stainless Steel 8510109-12


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Bohning Field Points

Bohning’s Screw-in Bullet Points feature a contour slightly larger than the shaft for smooth arrow removal. These field points are sized in 1/64″ increments to ensure a flush fit with the shaft.

  • 17/64″ points typically fit weaker spined small (.204 ID) shafts
  • 9/32″ points typically fit stiffer spined small (.204 ID) shafts
  • 19/64″ points typically fit standard carbon (.246 ID) shafts used for hunting
  • 5/16″ points typically fit stiffer spined standard carbon (.246 ID) shafts
  • 21/64″ points typically fit large aluminum 21 series with inserts
  • 11/32″ points typically fit crossbow bolts Outfit your premium bow set-up with Bohning’s Premium Field Points! Certified Crossbow Compatible.

Outfit your premium bow set-up with Bohning’s Premium Field Points! Each Premium Point is machined to the precise standards you’ve come to expect from Bohning. They’re guaranteed to weigh within 0.25 grains of the specified weight and to be concentric (round) within 0.001″ (.025mm). Premium Points are made from stainless steel for a durable rust-free finish. The end result is an arrow that spins true and flies clean and stable – time after time.
Tech tip: to help prevent points from loosening, apply a small amount of Bohning’s Tex-Tite or Seal-Tite Wax to point threads.
Proudly manufactured at the Bohning Factory in Lake City, Michigan, United States.

Bohning Field Points

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