Bloodsport Broadheads Night Fury 100 Grain 3 Pack Mechanical 2 Blade Chisel Tip 1 7/8″ Cut 10779


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Meet the most accurate mechanical broadhead in the business. The Night Fury® uses a patented cross-opening design to reduce the blade surface – allowing it to fly with field-point accuracy. Unlike traditional “over-the-top” mechanical broadheads, the Night Fury doesn’t require rubber bands or O-rings. This decreases the energy required to open the blades and preserves more power for superior impact penetration.


  • Patented Blade Retention System™ keeps blades closed until entry
  • 2 blade
  • 1⅞” cross-opening curved mechanical blades
  • 416 hardened steel ferrule
  • 420 stainless steel blades
  • No rubber bands or O-rings
  • Bone-splitting chisel tip
  • Fixed blade mode