Bear Archery Traditional 59 Kodiak Traditional Bow Shedua and Green Right Hand 60lb AK2160SR


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Traditional 59 Kodiak

Ask around about iconic Bear bows and you’ll surely hear tales of the legendary 1959 Kodiak. For years, Bear has been asked time and again to “bring it back.” Out of respect for our loyal followers and like Mr. Bear himself, we believe in giving people what they want. The 2022 iteration of the 1959 Kodiak sees several improvements and now features a beautiful shedua riser with purple heart inlay and stunning green glass limbs. The Kodiak is 60″ in length making it the perfect bow for any hunting scenario or back yard league. The timeless design and craftsmanship will forever make the Kodiak one of the most desirable recurves in the industry.

  • SUPERIOR BUILD QUALITY -Limb Cores made with maple laminate and overlaid with high-strength green fiberglass

  • CUT-ON CENTER -Crowned, cut-on center arrow shelf with leather side plate and iconic feather arrow rest

  • DYNAFLIGHT STRING -Dynaflight 97 Flemish Twist string included

  • CLASSIC LOOK -Shedua riser with inlaid purple heart and Grayling Green glass