Badlands Backpack Turkey Vest Hunting Accessory 21-37085


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Turkey Vest

Gobbling and strutting, or filled with stuffing and covered in gravy…we love turkey in all its forms. Our obsession with becoming better turkey hunters drove us to create this uniquely specific piece of equipment. Agile, functional, lightweight, and tough, the Badlands Turkey Vest will help ensure you’re never again outsmarted by our fine-feathered friends.

Dimensions: 20 IN x 23 IN x 10 IN

  • Bino Connect Compatible (requires optional Bino Connect Kit)
  • Hydration Compatible (Up to 3L)
  • One Size Fits Most Harness
  • 5-Layer Foam Seat
  • Expandable Rear Bird Pouch
  • Specific Pockets for Mouth, Slate & Box Calls
  • Striker Pocket
  • Built-In Removable Gear Tether
  • No-Bulk Construction


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