B3 Archery Release Alpha Swivel Duel Caliper Buckle Strap Black ALSC-BK


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B3 Archery Alpha Swivel Release

The Alpha swivel features a roller-sear double jaw design. The blackened stainless steel jaws are fully radiused, and can be used off the bowstring or with a string loop. The Alpha swivel comes with the standard size wrist strap, black head and blue stem. Our patented swivel connector swivels adjust to multiple length locations to fit any hand size and swivels 360 degrees and can even fold back and lock into place to keep it out of the way when climbing into your treestand. If you would like a different size wrist strap with your release please give us a call. Setting new standards in the dual-caliper release world with the Alpha.

Alpha Flex features:

  • Patented swivel connector
  • Roller sear double jaw design
  • Multiple length adjustments
  • Blackened stainless steel jaws
  • Forward trigger with travel adjustment


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