Axcel Sights Accuview AV-41 Crosshair AV41-CROS-BK


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Axcel Sights Accuview AV-41 Crosshair AV41-CROS-BK

The AXCEL Crosshairs are a nice add on feature for anyone that has ever found themselves unable to see their pin in a low light condition hunting situation. The Crosshair is also a nice option for anyone desiring to use this Crosshair for indoor target archery than the normal pin set up or even a lens dot kit.

We recommend you use this with a ring pin, which is sold separately. If you use this product without a Fiber Optic Ring Pin please be sure to use an extra ring spacer or lens frame to ensure the Crosshair is secure within your scope housing. If you want to use this with a lens, please ensure the Crosshair is not against the lens or it may create an object that could potentially scratch your lens.

This Crosshair has also been known to be accessible to our competitors scope housings as well. If you wish to try the AXCEL Crosshair in a competitor scope housing be sure that their housings is 1-3/4″.


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